Thursday, March 18, 2010

Whirlwind, positively whirlwind!

Did you ever hear that obnoxious Texas Lotto commercial a few years ago? Well if not, the premise was that they were interviewing the different lotto balls and one number with a high pitched female voice that when asked how it felt to be a lotto ball, she responded, "like a whirlwind! Positively whirlwind!".

Well folks...the best way to describe the our lives these days is that we've been on a whirlwind! Since my last post, we received a bid on the house...negotiated a bit...accepted the offer...packed all our things into a Penske truck....and moved!

Not as smoothly as it sounds with several rescheduled closing dates, parents that came to help only to be told that it wasn't happening for another week...having to scramble to fit everything we own into said moving truck and an additional trailer and relocating all parties involved:)

We closed on the sale of our house on Friday February 26th at 5:30 and spent the rest of the weekend loading and finishing the last bit of packing. Will and his parents left on Sunday afternoon for Odessa and Madeline and I drove to North Dallas to stay with friends until spring break.

It is Wednesday of our Spring Break and we are finally relaxing. I will return to Dallas to finish out the school year(we have 11 more weeks to go), Madeline will start at her new school Monday and Will is continuing to love his new job.

We have done some house hunting this week and that has been an interesting journey...I am continuously amazed to see how other people live in their homes! We hope to find something that is perfect for our family soon so we can begin the next chapter of our lives.

I don't have any photos to share right now but I will try to get some things posted soon!

Lots of love from west Texas!