Monday, January 26, 2009

We found the nap mat! was in the cabinet that Madeline calls her own. She opened it this evening and said, "Oh! Here's my nap mat!" Then she just tossed it out on the floor and went on!
Good times:)

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

"Do you have a tag?"

Somehow a week ago I managed to lose Madeline's nap mat for school. After a week of looking for it here and at the church I broke down and made her one this weekend. She requested a strawberry shortcake one like her cousin Cassie's. I finished it up on Monday (thank you MLK day) and had her try it out...she loved it but rolled over under the blanket and told me that her other mat had 2 tags right on the edge and I would need to add 2 tags on her new mat! I just looked at her and couldn't helped laughing:) She was so cute!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

maddie and me

things that make you go "hmmmmm.....?"

As a teacher I am presented with 160+ kids each day. Now imagine, if you will, that these 160+ kids are all between the ages of 13 and 14 with the occasional 15 year old. I have mixed gender, mixed race, mixed ability,mixed socioeconomics, and mixed maturity students. This is my 7th year of teaching this age group and so you would think that by this point I would have a firm grasp on the phrases that are appropriate for this demographic as well as the phrases that are NOT appropriate for this demographic. After a particularly long day at the planetarium with said students I have decided to share with you some of the things I have said to my students with only the best intentions and one that I had nothing to do with but I have definitely made a mental note to NEVER use this phrases with my students.

1. At the planetarium this week - We are discussing the big bang theory. The planetarium director is explaining how little science knows about the origin of the universe and to drive his point home he uses one word for emphasis. "...and the there was a huge bang! We don't know how it was banged! why it was banged! how long it banged! who banged it!....." by this point my face is beet red and my kids are rolling out of their seats and he has no clue what the commotion is about. All I could do was settle my kids down and hope for the best. Just so you know, he did the same thing for my next 2 groups!!

moral: never use the word bang as a verb with middle school children.

2. During a topographic map lesson I was explaining how to trace 3D foam shapes onto paper to create a map. In order for the kids to keep the piece lined up they were supposed to use dowels in punched holes. While using a set for a class demo, I clearly told the class, "You have to be sure to put your dowel in your A hole." As this was falling from my mouth I was trying to make myself stop but it was too late. Seriously, it sounded fine in my head but really horrible out loud! I was 9 shades of red and the whole class was laughing...what could I do?? I just laughed along and said, "I can;t believe I said that!"

moral: think before you speak.

3. At the end of the fall semester in a game of trash-can review (for my non-teacher readers, trash-can review is a review game where the kids are in 2 teams, you ask them questions and if the player answers the question correctly their team gets a point and they get a chance for a bonus point scored by shooting a paper wad into the trash-can. don't ask why but it is one of the kids favorite ways to review and they all know how to play it! they had to teach me,) a couple of boys were horsing around and not really paying attention. They kept knocking each others paper balls onto the floor. Not even stopping to think it through (see example 2) I hollered to the boys, "Just grab your balls and sit still!" Of course the whole class heard me. One boy was laughing so hard he had tears in his eyes! I was of course mortified!!!

moral: paper balls should always be called something else.

I think that teaching middle-schoolers has certainly taught me to be careful how I phrase things but obviously I still have room to grow!

Happy Friday Everyone!!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Give me a break!

Ok folks...this post is not for the faint at heart. Today as I was headed home with Maddie I notice the SUV in front of me has something hanging from the trailer hitch. As I get closerI realize what is hanging from the trailer hitch. It is none other than an extremely large set of flesh colored "man parts" (I'm not spelling it out because I don't want my blog to be flagged in any inappropriate google searches:O)

At what point in society did it become acceptable for these things????? I am just plain grossed out>:[

Thursday, January 8, 2009

30 things about me

Will's meme never would tell us her real age and she always explained that she was celebrating the anniversary of her 29th birthday. So for me, this week I celebrated the 1st anniversay of my 29th birthday. Yes...I have turned 30. I understand that so many others have gone before me on this journey. As an effort to have some personal reflection I have decided to make a list about me.

30 things about me...

  1. I love to make things but have a hard time getting motivated.
  2. I'm a closet Elvis fan (we share the bday) I have only recently started to enjoy his music though. I was no fan during my school days.
  3. During the holidays, Meme would follow me around the house asking me why I was reading a book. "I'm a do-er not a reader" I would always smile at her and say, "Well I'm a reader" She and I had that same exchange so many times and I kind of miss it now. Books are an addiction...I have just now learned how to read a book during the school year. I have a horrible habit of reading non-stop until the book is over.
  4. I am sad when I finish a really great book. I miss reading about the characters and wonder what happens after the story is over.
  5. I hate "pseudo" reality shows but watch most anything on Discovery/TLC
  6. Cuddling with Maddie is one of my favorite things to do.
  7. My all-time favorite shoe is the flip-flop
  8. I wear 2 toe-rings year-round and if I had the courage I would pierce my ears again.
  9. I love to wander around antique shops, not the high end ones, the little junky ones:)
  10. Sitting in my chair during Maddie's nap on Saturday afternoons and listening to my wind chimes is luxurious.
  11. I have a secret dream to be a back-up singer in a!
  12. When my cat falls asleep I don't want to disturb him:/
  13. I don't let Madeline have very much sugar or junk food and hope it doesn't make her crave it when she gets older.
  14. Buying fun colored socks makes me smile. I prefer the shorty socks from Target.
  15. I keep my cellphone with me all the time...I hate to not have it with me.
  16. Will may be known for his packing skills but I fold sheets and towels into perfect rectangles! My top sheet and bottom sheet are always the same size and shape. whoo!!!!
  17. The majority of times I would rather hang out with Will and Maddie than go somewhere without them.
  18. I am painfully shy around most people and I rarely know what to say to people.
  19. I love all the lessons I have learned from my amazingly talented grandmother.
  20. I am tragically sentimental...and my memories are always so vivid. If I have ever done something I's hard for me to let it go.
  21. My favorite time in Texas is the few weeks of Fall or Spring that we get. I love to wear jeans and long sleeved shirts (with my flops of course!) while soaking up the suns slightly weaker rays.
  22. Teaching was not my original life career choice, but I know that I am a better and stronger person because of it.
  23. Listening to Will read to Maddie each night is one of the most precious things to me ever. I know that soon it will be gone and I am so going to miss it.
  24. When I drive, I sing along to most ever song I hear...sorry if you are stuck in the car with me:)
  25. I have an extremely keen sense of smell and bad smells really bug me. Seriously? I wake up in the middle of the night if the garbage disposal is even remotely not clear.
  26. I hate how television shows have become so graphic and violent. There is already so much hate and pain in our reality that I don't understand the need for it in my fiction as well.
  27. I leave my ceiling fan on all year long and can't sleep with out the moving air! Will and I have actually bought fans on 2 separate vacations just so we could sleep:)
  28. I have decided that it is ok to splurge on myself every now and then.
  29. I am not a morning person...never have and can't imagine ever being one. Don't get me wrong though, I am super productive once I am awake. The journey to awake is long and painful for those around me sometimes. The scary thing is that Madeline is EXACTLY the same way.
  30. Before Madeline was born but after we got her room finished I would just sit in the chair and rock. Now, I still love to sit in her room to read her books, listen to music, or just hold her while she sleeps.
There is a catchy country/western song that sings a chorus, "I love this crazy, tragic, sometimes almost magic, awful beautiful life." I am not sure that 10 years ago that I could have predicted my life would be what it is. And so, I am not going to try to predict what the future holds. I am, however, going to live in the present and enjoy the little things with Madeline and Will.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yo-Yo Quilt

I have a confession to make! I have developed a serious addiction to blogs! That is I have wasted so much time this holiday break just surfing the internet and exploring the world wide web. During my perusing, I stumbled across this blog called YoYo Along. Kat and her friends make amazing things out of fabric and as part of her holiday gifts, one of the ladies made yoyo scarves. This got me to thinking and I searched yoyo crafts and turned up quite a few things! Katie at you are too creative had some beautiful picture of yoyo crafts.This blog in particular really inspired me to try my hand at these adorable little rounds. I was up til 1:00 am this morning researching everything I could find about yoyo crafts and yoyo quilts, how to make them and what to do with them when I finish them.

This afternoon I loaded Will and Maddie into the truck and headed to Hancock Fabrics. I read last night that it is just a easy to use a template as it is to do it by hand. I'm lazy so of course I had to own that template. They come in all sizes and shapes from rounds to hearts to flowers and squares and all assorted sizes! I struck out at Hancock because they were sold out. Next we headed to Jo-ann's Fabrics to try my luck there. Well, I lucked out. They had the large size that I wanted, the quilting fabric quarters were on sale and when I went to check out...the template was 50% off!!!! Yea!!!! I got the template, 3 fabric quarters, and some new needles all for $7.65!!!! Whooo-hooooo!!!!!!

So here is my project for 2009!
I am going to make a yoyo quilt for our bed and my goal is to finish it by July. That gives me 6 months...surly I can get close!

Here are my supplies:
needles, thread, fabric squares, Yoyo template by Clover, and my trusty scissors.

Here is the template in it2 parts

These are the wonderful step by step and illustrated instructions
Thank You!!!!!

The fabric in the template

The fabric trimmed and ready to be stitched

The stitching has been finished

Peeling the fabric from the template

gathering the thread

Finished little yoyo, ready to be tied off

finished yoyo...about 2 1/2" in diameter.

My first 2 yoyos...the second one isn't very tight so I will need to go back and tighten it up.

I am not sure how many of these little suckers it will take to make a quilt but I am sure it'll be a ton!
Wish me luck!!!!

Saturday, January 3, 2009

More Holiday Pics

Maddie in her chair with Fancy Nancy

Maddie and Oma on Christmas morning

Santa brought the Easter eggs!!!

Brotherly love!!! (Christine ans Charles!)

Charles and his new shirt!

Kara got her Aqua Globes! Yea!!!!

Aunt Tine and her beautiful nieces!

Cassie looking through the kalidescope

Pouty face??

Such a pretty girl! Looks like her momma and daddy!

Sitting in the rocker

Playing with the train

Oma and Maddie

Maddie and Gdaddy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 08

In the Browning home we have a huge spread of Mexican food on Christmas Eve. Chelli and Kevin, Nanny, Connie and Eddie, Kara and Charles were all there for dinner. As you can see via photographic evidence that Nanny actually got the first plate! That never happens:)

Chelli and Nanny
A new movie for the growing collection
Kara and Cassie
Maddie loves books!
Putting out Reindeer food:)
Sweet Cousins
The best gift hubby!
Kara and a scary looking Charles.
Madeline woke up on Christmas Eve night around 10:30 throwing up! We were just finishing up the grown-ups gifts and Kara and Charles were packing to head home when it happened. Poor things was sitting in the bathroom floor just crying her big ol' eyes out:( We were up until 5:50 am with Maddie until she finally cratered. Sadly, I didn't get any Santa pics etc because I was too focused on her! So we ended sleeping through everyone coming over for breakfast and Santa! We finally were up around 11:00 and this is the only photo I have of Madeline on Christmas morning. She got the polka dot chair and the Fancy Nancy doll. Here she is playing with her new spinning top.
On Friday after Christmas we loaded up the truck (like we were moving cross-country) and headed home. Bill and Kathy met us in Mesquite where we went to dinner and headed back to the house for a little more Christmas. Here is Madeline on Saturday morning finishing up her presents and lounging until we once again loaded up the truck and went to Arlington for a day with the Cartusciellos, Carpenters and Coles!

From Grandmomma and Granddaddy, Madeline got an antique bank that is motorized. She was so cute! When you put a coin on the platform, you then turn the switch and a little green hand comes out and snatched the coin! Maddie was so surprised! She leaped back trying to get away from. it! After a few times she was a little more comfortable with it but not too much:)

OMG! I forgot to mention that I wanted to make Maddie a dress-up set. Kathy found this super cute old suitcase to hold everything and between the two of us we filled it up with fun stuff for her to it is!
...and here is a great shot of us dressing up...who's missing? Oh yes...that would be Maddie who made us dress up but had not worn anything except the wings!