Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dear Madeline

Dear Madeline,

This summer has been such an amazing experience for both of us! You have developed the most wonderful sense of humor:) This summer was pretty low-key for both of us most of the time...we loved sleeping late, picking out breakfast and playing outside! Most of our afternoons were spent with reading, coloring and playing together. This summer you took your first swim lessons and although it was shaky at first, you ended up doing beautifully. We also enjoyed many summer mornings playing in the sprinklers at Tanner's are so tanned!!! All in all it was a mellow summer!


Did I forget to mention the "ball-bearing" caper of 2009? Oh! Well let me remind you! This summer one of your favorite activities was creating and designing the most amazing marble runs. You really are into this right now! You love building them as high as you can...even having to use the step-stool to reach the tops! Because the marbles that came with the set are plastic and hollow and don't have enough density to pull them through the runs well, your dad and I decided to give you some of your great-grandfather's old ball-bearings. They are the perfect size and have the best heft!

A week and a half ago, you were sitting in the livingroom and you let out a horrible scream! When I got to the room, you were crying and coughing and looked so scared...I didn't know what to do! After you caught your breath you were able to tell me that you swallowed your marble.

Say what?!?!?

A marble you say??? Ok...I can handle this.

I count the marbles to be sure.

Yep! One's missing!

Ok...I call your daddy but no answer.

I call your Nonnie...she says "Take her to the urgent care!"

Your daddy calls, "Call her doctor", he says.

I call, they tell me to bring you in. We head to the doctor's office. He talks to you and checks you out. You were so upset about the whole thing and your cried every time one of the nurses askes you about it:( The doctor tells me that we have to wait it out and that I am on potty patrol.

Oh, yes! I am! Ewwww is all I can say.

This is on a Thursday and by Monday no marble. Your Nonnie takes you for an xray.....still in your stomach.

Tuesday, the doctor calls and says to call the GI specialist. They got us in that afternoon, we met with the doctor...she was so great! She tells us that the ball bearing will not pass because it is too heavy and schedules you for a 6:30 am procedure at the hospital. She will put under anesthesia and go in through your mouth!

As we are heading home and calling everyone, we decided to stop at chick-fil-a because you hadn't eaten all day! You ate and then played on the play equipment and then you ran out to tell me you needed to potty!

Guess what!?!?!?! The marble passed! It was a total God thing! Whew :) The Love of a mother is a powerful thing is all I can say!

Also this summer you started your new school. This year you are in PK4 in Mrs. Withrow's class at DC. You have had 2 days and are acting like you've never done anything else! You love it so far, are having fun, and already learning so many new things! I hope this year continues to be as amazing as our summer.

I love you so are turning into such a wonderful little girl. I am looking forward to watching you grow into an amazing young lady:)


Your momma!!

P.S. Please don't ever put things into your mouth that aren't food!!!

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Kara said...

She is growing up so fast. I was thinking, with all the things Cassie puts in her mouth I am surprised she hasn't swallowed something. It will probably happen though. Glad the ball came out without a procedure. Glad she is liking school and hopefully we get to see ya'll the first of October.