Monday, February 1, 2010

A little catching up to do.

I have been so bad about updating are a few pictures from the past few months of what we have been up to:)

Madeline brings DC Bear home for the weekend and he went to have pizza with us!

Madeline in Chapel

"Shining Like Stars"

Looooong day at school!

Before school

Big girl hair cut

At the Stephen Fite concert with her school.

Guns Up!!

At the Baylor Vs Tech game in Cowboys Stadium...amazing place!

Chapel - She shows courage "when I try new foods"!!

Cousins at the little one's 3rd bday party! So much fun :)

On a really cold morning in December at The Museum of the Southwest.

Working the new game with Aunt Christine!

Dressing up at Oma and Grandad's house

Madeline and Oma : A Portrait

Madeline and Aunt Tracy!

Madeline and Uncle Beau Beau

More Aunt Christine

This is where a picture of Madeline and her Uncle Charlie would be if he would let her take a picture;)

For some reason I can't find my pictures of Maddie with her Auntie and Cousin so this parting shot will have to do. In case you are curious, it is probably around 34 degrees in this picture and where is my brother's jacket??

Riding her bike in the freezing weather!

First bowling trip! She LOVED it!!!

Bowling with Daddy.

I promise to write more later but now I'm headed to bed:)

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Kara said...

I can't believe I didn't have a picture with her. Well when she is here sometime, I will take her bowling with Cassie and take 4000 pictures.