Thursday, January 1, 2009

Christmas 08

In the Browning home we have a huge spread of Mexican food on Christmas Eve. Chelli and Kevin, Nanny, Connie and Eddie, Kara and Charles were all there for dinner. As you can see via photographic evidence that Nanny actually got the first plate! That never happens:)

Chelli and Nanny
A new movie for the growing collection
Kara and Cassie
Maddie loves books!
Putting out Reindeer food:)
Sweet Cousins
The best gift hubby!
Kara and a scary looking Charles.
Madeline woke up on Christmas Eve night around 10:30 throwing up! We were just finishing up the grown-ups gifts and Kara and Charles were packing to head home when it happened. Poor things was sitting in the bathroom floor just crying her big ol' eyes out:( We were up until 5:50 am with Maddie until she finally cratered. Sadly, I didn't get any Santa pics etc because I was too focused on her! So we ended sleeping through everyone coming over for breakfast and Santa! We finally were up around 11:00 and this is the only photo I have of Madeline on Christmas morning. She got the polka dot chair and the Fancy Nancy doll. Here she is playing with her new spinning top.
On Friday after Christmas we loaded up the truck (like we were moving cross-country) and headed home. Bill and Kathy met us in Mesquite where we went to dinner and headed back to the house for a little more Christmas. Here is Madeline on Saturday morning finishing up her presents and lounging until we once again loaded up the truck and went to Arlington for a day with the Cartusciellos, Carpenters and Coles!

From Grandmomma and Granddaddy, Madeline got an antique bank that is motorized. She was so cute! When you put a coin on the platform, you then turn the switch and a little green hand comes out and snatched the coin! Maddie was so surprised! She leaped back trying to get away from. it! After a few times she was a little more comfortable with it but not too much:)

OMG! I forgot to mention that I wanted to make Maddie a dress-up set. Kathy found this super cute old suitcase to hold everything and between the two of us we filled it up with fun stuff for her to it is!
...and here is a great shot of us dressing up...who's missing? Oh yes...that would be Maddie who made us dress up but had not worn anything except the wings!

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