Sunday, January 4, 2009

Yo-Yo Quilt

I have a confession to make! I have developed a serious addiction to blogs! That is I have wasted so much time this holiday break just surfing the internet and exploring the world wide web. During my perusing, I stumbled across this blog called YoYo Along. Kat and her friends make amazing things out of fabric and as part of her holiday gifts, one of the ladies made yoyo scarves. This got me to thinking and I searched yoyo crafts and turned up quite a few things! Katie at you are too creative had some beautiful picture of yoyo crafts.This blog in particular really inspired me to try my hand at these adorable little rounds. I was up til 1:00 am this morning researching everything I could find about yoyo crafts and yoyo quilts, how to make them and what to do with them when I finish them.

This afternoon I loaded Will and Maddie into the truck and headed to Hancock Fabrics. I read last night that it is just a easy to use a template as it is to do it by hand. I'm lazy so of course I had to own that template. They come in all sizes and shapes from rounds to hearts to flowers and squares and all assorted sizes! I struck out at Hancock because they were sold out. Next we headed to Jo-ann's Fabrics to try my luck there. Well, I lucked out. They had the large size that I wanted, the quilting fabric quarters were on sale and when I went to check out...the template was 50% off!!!! Yea!!!! I got the template, 3 fabric quarters, and some new needles all for $7.65!!!! Whooo-hooooo!!!!!!

So here is my project for 2009!
I am going to make a yoyo quilt for our bed and my goal is to finish it by July. That gives me 6 months...surly I can get close!

Here are my supplies:
needles, thread, fabric squares, Yoyo template by Clover, and my trusty scissors.

Here is the template in it2 parts

These are the wonderful step by step and illustrated instructions
Thank You!!!!!

The fabric in the template

The fabric trimmed and ready to be stitched

The stitching has been finished

Peeling the fabric from the template

gathering the thread

Finished little yoyo, ready to be tied off

finished yoyo...about 2 1/2" in diameter.

My first 2 yoyos...the second one isn't very tight so I will need to go back and tighten it up.

I am not sure how many of these little suckers it will take to make a quilt but I am sure it'll be a ton!
Wish me luck!!!!


David Kirk said...

Blogs are way too addictive!

Gene Black said...

Hi there, I am making a yo-yo quilt/bedcover also. I found somewhere online a way to tell how many you need. But I didn't bookmark it.

Currently I have a gallon freezer bag full as well as about a third of another one. I think I will start sewing them together soon. It will be a scrappy quilt anyway, so I am not worrying over "placement"