Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Update and More pictures

Well what to say here? Things in the Duncan world have been pretty tame! Will's been adjusting to the slow-down at his office, which gives him a little more time for chores around the house ;) At school we have been kicking into over-drive for the hated TAKS test. I am SO over the standardized testing in our education system...but that's another post! Madeline has been doing well at her school and it is so funny to hear her tell me about her adventures every day when I pick her up! It is amazing to me that she is growing so quickly and maturing:( My baby is growing too fast!!!

Today we went in for Madeline's observation. She said she had a fun time but we won't hear back about the results for about a week! I am not sure that I can wait that long! Whew...guess I'll get over that, huh? After the observation Will took us to lunch at one of our favorite tex-mex restaurants, Chuey's! MmmmHmmmmm! Today was shrimp taquitos OMG so delicious!!! Maddie was hilarious because she was just talking to the waiter and even flirting a bit I think!

Here are some pictures of Maddie sitting Will's lab in the parking lot. The very thought of her on the roadways is enough to send me into hysterics! Look out DFW...she's a coming!
Very intent on her driving...looks pretty safe, right?

What's my speed?

Eeek! Eyes on the road!

The radio???

Oops! My bad!


What does that sign say?


All in one piece!


Stephanie Hardy said...

Last week I took Abigail for testing at a school we've applied to go to in the fall, and we won't get the results until mind-April! So, you're lucky you only have to wait a week.

Kara said...

I am sure that she will do so well because she is so smart. Hope we can manage to come see you Spring Break? Will Kathy coming, so we can work it out when she isn't there.