Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A quick update

Well Madeline has been in Odessa for a little over 2 weeks and seems to be enjoying her new school. Right now she is getting to sleep in because her class is only in the afternoon. This is, however, making for a tired and cranky Maddie in the evenings because there is no time for a nap! Will's job is still going well; he's enjoying the work and the slower pace of life in Odessa. He has actually played more golf in the past few weeks than he has in the past year! Yesterday he and his dad, along with 2 other guys, played in the annual Trinity Golf Tournament. They shot a 6 under but the story is that they really should have been closer to 10 under because of the wind. Yeah right! Wind in west Texas??? (lol). I have been flying out there each weekend and that has been nice. We are definitely on the downhill swing of this semester. I only have 8 more weeks of school! Whoo-Hoo! (but who's counting?) We have found an amazing house to live in and we should close in a couple of weeks. It is an older home in an established neighborhood. It is definitely larger than we were looking for and it needs some love and attention, but we feel that this house could be our forever home. I'll post some pics when I get some that aren't trapped on my phone. Until then, here are a few shots of Madeline. If you look closely you might see that she's no longer a baby girl…she's definitely heading towards growing up.

(hello big eyes!)


Stephanie Hardy said...

So exciting to see the separation time coming to an end! Where did y'all put Maddie in school? And, what area are you moving to? Our families would love for us to move back, so I'm sure everyone is excited to have y'all settling out there again.

amanda said...

We've got Maddie at Trinity right now...it is the most similar to the structure and feel of her school in Dallas...we are actually closing on a house in Odessa next week! It is on Custer near Oakwood and Tanglewood. We did not expect to settle in Odessa but after looking a a ton of houses in Midland this was the one that we could truly see ourselves in! The families are both stoked about the move:) Next time you are in town and have time for a visit...we need to go eat dinner or something!

Stephanie Hardy said...

That's good. We've had so many family needs out there lately that we were vaguely discussing that we havy to live there at some point, but are not wanting that right now. The schools were the biggest issue we were discussing about the area. I said Trinity and Midland Christian would probably be our only options. I hope Trinity works out well for you. And, good luck with the upcoming closing! You know, we all grew up in Odessa, so it has to be somewhat special. Ha!