Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Reap what you sow?

Will and I both grew up in families with Dads that gardened. There were years that our garden didn't produce much and there were years were we had so much stuff we couldn't give it away! My senior year my dad planted the garden and decided to double up on a few things that hadn't done well the year before. One of those things was squash. He planted roly-poly squash and just hoped we would have a few. That year all of the squash took and we had more squash than we knew what to do with!

That said, this year Will decided we needed a garden. Being the planner that he is, we spent months researching plants, seeds, methods, techniques, and locations. Finally Will took the plunge and bought the seeds. He then drew up a plan in AutoCad (he is an architect) and was ready to go.

Thursday night he planted some of the seeds in pots so they will grow into seedlings.
He had a great helper!

Saturday morning Will got up and headed to our recycling center, picked up a trailer load of compost and headed back to the house.

Our garden plot after he scraped it down.

Will's load of compost

My daughter helping her daddy.
If you know me very well you can imagine what a stretch it was for me to
just let her lose in that mess!
Making progress!

Dumping it in!

Look at her shovel! She got it our of the sandbox:)

After she and Daddy finished!
Do you see the feet and the black rings around her eyes????

After 2 baths and some ruined socks, she was finally clean:)

More garden fun tomorrow!!!


Melissa said...

How fun! We have had a small garden the last few years and it is Ellie and Josh's "thing"! I love the fresh veggies and Ellie is more likely to eat it if she helped grow it.

Kathy-Mom said...

Those pics are precious!!! I know she had a good time. It is good for her to spend time working outside with her daddy. And, she did clean up!!!! Mom

Kara said...

Charles says he wants a garden for herbs, I will do wonderful at taking the pictures because I have no desire to get that dirty. Good job on letting her get that dirty and not freaking out.