Monday, June 8, 2009

Don't mind me, I'm with the band...

...The Mesquite Symphonic Band, that is! (What you should read is a community band with an extremely diverse population of members.) Early in the spring I made a connection with the director and began attending rehearsals. It has been so much fun and reminds me daily of my love for anything music and a slight regret for not finishing my music degree, but I digress!

We do a few concerts a year and run 5 shows in June as our Music in the Park Series. These informal concerts are on the lawn of a gorgeous (yes, Mesquite has something gorgeous) park in Mesquite near a historical house. Each week we feature a different musical program and the community is invited to bring lawn chairs and or a blanket and relax to the music! We are certainly not a professional group but we do pretty well! Here are a few pictures from Monday's performance and from the performance last week.

{View of the director}

{View from the audience}

{Liz and me}

{My bandmates!}

{Maddie won some new crayons and coloring book!}

{Chris on the fluglehorn, Somewhere Over the Rainbow}

{Maddie camping out, it was not cold at all!}

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Melissa said...

how fun! good for you!