Sunday, November 2, 2008

chasing mr. alligator

5 little moneys swinging in the tree

chasing mr. alligator, "can't catch me!"

"can't catch me!"

along comes mr. alligator quiet as can be,

and he SNAPPED that monkey right out of that tree!

The other day Madeline and I were at the fabric shop looking for some fabric. It was after school and the store was pretty empty. I was pushing the cart and all of a sudden Maddie started singing that song and as she counted down the monkeys she became more and more animated! It was so funny and she had everyone around us smiling and giggling. This was one of those "ah ha" moments of being a mom that I look forward to!

Yes, I have decided to start an online journal to help me remind myself of the good times and crazy times of raising Madeline:)


Mother Deborah said...

Sounds a lot like her mother when she was a little girl... While I was driving home, from the backseat of the car came a tiny voice, "deep in Devil's bayou..." She knew the words to the Walt Disney read along books on cassette tape practically word-for-word. And, then there were the jingles from television commercials...

amanda said...

yeah...I still have a gift for jingles.....:)

Melissa said...

Yea! I am so glad! I am addicted to blogs and it is even more fun when I know the people!!! :)