Thursday, November 13, 2008

DC in our future?

Tuesday Will and I attended Fall Preview at Dallas Christian School. For a few years we have been worrying about Madeline starting kindergarten soon because our local ISD seems to be struggling and with both of us working so far from our neighborhood our options for after school care are very limited. After much research we began to toy with the idea of private school rather than public for many reasons. After attending the tour, Will and I both fell in love with the campus and staff members we met at DC and we have submitted our application for Madeline to attend in the Fall of 2009. She will be in a K4 classroom and proceed from there to kindergarten.

Dallas Christian is located in Mesquite north of I30 and east of 635 and is 12 miles from down-town Dallas. I drive by it daily on my way to school and it super easy for Will to get to anf from as well. The campus is approximately 60 acres of land and offers grades PK3 - 12th grade. They are a member of TOPS and have a highly acclaimed academic program. In addition to these things they have a very strong Christian approach to the students education with daily bible classes and weekly chapel.

While we have not given up on the hope of selling the house and moving to a more convenient location for both mine and Will's jobs, right now doesn't seem to be the time for us to move. We are so excited about this prospect for Maddie. The opening date for new applications is December 1st but because we have already submitted our paperwork we should hear something about our status in early December. From there Madeline will have an informal evaluation with DC teachers in the spring and we should know something before summer. We have been praying for God to show us his plan for our family with regards to our house and the community we live in and know that He will lead us in the direction He has chosen for us...we just have to be patient. LOL! Like I am ever patient??

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Kara said...

I am glad that you found a school for Maddie that both Will and you are happy with. I will buy her a uniform for her birthday.