Friday, November 28, 2008

thanksgiving part 1....

This holiday season has begun with a bang in the Duncan home! On Friday, my dad and step-mom came into town for the weekend. Maddie was so excited when she saw them she, powered by the energy only a sugar-filled cupcake and no nap can provide, ran around the house in circles just laughing and screaming! It was hilarious and madness all at the same time. So Saturday, Will and dad went outside and started cooking and hanging Christmas lights. The morning was so pretty, so Denise and Madeline and I celebrated by hitting the mall! lol! We had a great time shopping together and having lunch...such a girly time:) We went home and put Maddie down for a late nap and we got dinner finished up. We had game hens on the grill, confetti corn casserole, and brussel sprouts with green beans. It was a very colorful meal. It was just the 5 of us and we had a really fun time. Dessert was of course, white chocolate ambrosia...we all loved it! Sadly they had to leave on Sunday and they took Madeline with them to Odessa. According to my dad she was a quiet as a mouse in the truck on the way back, but we all know that he's a "little" hard of hearing! :) They dropped her off at Bill and Kathy's house for a few days and then she came home with Kathy on Tuesday.

Starting our Thanksgiving meal.

Maddie wanted to take a picture of Oma and Gdaddy:)
She does a pretty good job!!

Maddie and Oma!

Looks like Maddie was having fun with Gdaddy's computer!
Just like a Browning:)

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Denise said...

Gdaddy and Oma had so much fun with her. It was the perfect way to start the Thanksgiving week. Maddie is such a joy to us and we had so much fun with her. We love her so much.