Tuesday, July 7, 2009

July 4th

Because Little Bit's bday is so close to the 4th we usually spend the holiday with each other and keep it low-key. We loved having the 4th on a Saturday because we got to spend 3 whole days together hanging out.
On Friday we camped out across the train tracks from the park in Forney, Texas and watched their little display. The weather was pleasant and so was the company!
On Saturday we decided to venture out a little further to the mighty metropolis of Terrell, Texas. Again, we scoped out a parking lot near the park and sat down with some of the locals and waited for the show to begin. One of the dads there came over and gave Maddie a couple glow rods and she just had fun playing with them:)
The lighting is bad here because Will was trying to get the glow but I think the attitude shines right through!
Here we are camping out in front of the truck.
I have to say that we were totally amazed at the show we saw in Terrell! The show was at least 25 minutes and the lot we parked in was so close that there were a few times we thought the fireworks were going to rain down on the truck! It was probably one of the best shows we have ever seen! I think we just discovered our new 4th of July tradition!

I am by no means a photographer but here are a few shots I thought looked cool.

Will took some with his camera but I haven't uploaded them yet...maybe another post!

On Sunday our friends, Josh and Kelsey, came over for supper and Madeline experienced her first sparklers. It is so fun to be with her as she experiences new things!

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