Saturday, July 11, 2009

Learn to swim???

What have we been up to this week?
Swim Lessons!!
This is Madeline's first time to take swim lessons, her Nonnie and Pops gave them to her for her birthday. We love her instructor, Ms. Carol...she great!

She isn't afraid of the water but she pretty much refuses to open her eyes under water right now. Ms. Carol keeps calling her the blind swimmer!

As long as her head is above water she's good to go!

Here she is telling Ms. Carol, " No thanks! I don't really want to open my eyes under the water."

All the kiddos just waiting for their class to start.

Face in the water and moving along, but those eyes are clamped shut.

Before she jumped inito the water to Ms. Carol

Jumping into the water for Ms. Carol

Look Kara! She has a cone named Mr. Bob!


Kara said...

If you could steal that cone for me,I have a perfect place for it. Thanks.

Stephanie Hardy said...

Will they let her wear goggles? Abigail won't go near the water without her goggles. Maybe if she picks some out for herself, she will be enticed to open her eyes.