Thursday, July 2, 2009

Where does the time go, I ask you?

This weekend marked our beautiful daughter's 4th birthday. We went with a ladybug theme.

My friend Elizabeth made the cute cupcakes and the sweet ladybug cake!

Thanks, Elizabeth Anne and Mr. Moe!!!

I spray painted plain white paper lanterns red and black and we rented one of those inflatable slides and ran water down it. The kids had a blast!! If you are looking for a good company to rent inflatables from, I highly recommend the one we used. They were insured, really affordable, and the did all the set up and take down!

Here's Tanner coming down the slide!

Here's Maddie!!

{Arrin, Madeline, and Cassie}

All the kiddos

It was super hot and super bright during the party, but all the kids and parents were troopers!!

Kara and me
EDITED: {Please ignore the freaky lurker behind us. That's just my dork brother}

What a happy couple! We're not old enough to have a 4 year old, are we???

After Maddie and Cassie woke up from their naps, Kara and I put on our swimsuits and jumped in with the girls. Denise joined us while the rest of the family acted as lifeguards and photographers. It was soooo much fun!!!!! I tried really hard not to traumatize any readers with pictures of my extremely white and pasty self in a swimsuit! My family, however, took plenty of blackmail photos! I love you guys:):):):)!!!!!

Maddie at the end of the slide.

Maddie and Cassie had so much fun on the slide and playing together! They both were so exhausted!! The weekend was wonderful!!


Kara said...

Had so much fun on the slide. I will put pictures of us going down the slide. Can't believe you didn't put those on. Don't worry, will be nice.

Christian and Erin said...

I love the ladybug cute. It looks like you guys had a fantastic time!