Sunday, December 7, 2008

thanksgiving parts 2 and 3!

The week of Thanksgiving started early for the Duncan Clan! Will and Bill met up on Tuesday for a couple of man-filled days of hunting. Kathy drove in on Tuesday afternoon to spend time with Madeline and me. Wednesday we got up and headed to Target for some holiday shopping. She and I have been trying to figure out a good way to teach Maddie about Christmas and helping those less fortunate. Kathy came up with the idea of shopping for a needy child or family and having Madeline help out. I talked to Maddie on the way to Target about what we were doing and why were were doing it. We decided to buy some things for a family at my school. Madeline was so good! She picked out clothes and toys for a 3yr old girl and a 4 yr old boy and not once asked if she could have something or get upset about not getting to keep the purchases! She was so cute saying things like, "I think the little girl would like these dolls" and "My friends like pirates so I think the little boy would like that pirate shirt!" She was so mature and has such a generous heart! My baby is growing to be a beautiful person!!!

Thursday morning we got up and started to make the pies...
here are Kathy and Maddie working away in the kitchen!
It was just the 5 of us on Thanksgiving Day. We shared corn on the cob, roasted green beans and brussell sprouts, mashed potatoes and prime rib cooked on the grill. A very simple dinner that was so yummy!Maddie and Will after our big meal!
Kathy and me:) We were so full!

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