Monday, December 8, 2008

Cookies with Santa!

Yep! That's Santa Clause at my front door! Our friends Moe and Elizabeth helped us plan everything out .... including Moe dressing as Santa. We invited our friends and their kiddos to join us at our house on Saturday for a visit with Santa. The kids were running around the house like crazy until the doorbell rang! The kids all just stopped! We lined them up at the front door and there he was!Madeline and Harley helped Santa find a place to sit and the kids sat on the floor in front of him. It was soo cute! The kids just kept staring at him, they were really surprised!

Once he was seated and the kids were ready Santa read us the Christmas story. He interacted with the kids and had the most amazing laugh! He was like the real deal:) The kids were so amazed by him...they listened to his story...laughed at him....answered his questions and were such sweet babies!

After the story time was over the kids got to sit with Santa and tell him what they wanted for Christmas. Madeline's turn was hilarious! She told Santa that she wanted him to bring her some Easter Eggs so that the Easter Bunny could hide them in her yard!!!!!! Seriously folks! I kid you not! And she wanted them in all guess who's getting Easter Eggs in their stocking? Yes ma'am, my daughter!
Will got to see Santa off...I wonder where the sleigh was????

Look at that angel baby!!!!!!!

This holiday season has been so magical with Madeline...she is so serious about things and she loved decorating the house, she screams every time she sees Christmas lights and talks non-stop about baby Jesus and how he was born in Bethlehem. I feel like Christmas has never been so special as now, when we get to share it with Maddie!!!


the_yothers said...

children are blessing! girl or boy as long as they are healthy, normal and strong right?!

simply divina said...

Thanks Amanda for your comment. Your blog is very interesting to read about Christmas. Children loves to see Santa.