Sunday, December 7, 2008

Madeline's Christmas Program

Last Monday was Madeline's Christmas program at her school. Bill and Kathy stayed over from Thanksgiving to watch her grand debut! lol! I say that because if you have ever attended a "concert" performed by typical 3 and 4 year olds you know where this is headed! We fed and dressed Maddie, took some pictures and headed off for the church. We arrived early only to find all the kids and parents milling around in various stage of chaos! We dropped her off in her room and found a seat in the sanctuary. When they came out we were so excited to see her in the middle of the front row. She looked so pretty and grown up that I almost cried:( They were so fun to watch because they were watching everything around them. The boy next to Maddie kept lifting his shirt up and rubbing his belly which was hilarious!!! Then next thing we know, Madeline fell off the step! It was so funny! She just was standing and then she fell and then she was back up! The program was so cute and the kids were adorable:) Here are some pictures from that night!

The 3 year old group.

Maddie and the belly boy
Falling Down.....

...dusting it off! lol:)

The two of us before the program

Daddy's beautiful girl!

dancing in her pretty dress!


Anonymous said...

She sure looked beautiful in her Christmas dress. Everyone else had on red and she had on green and she showed up so good. I am surprised she did not tell that little boy to stop what he was doing and that it was not nice to show his belly. lol She makes this Grandmother proud. Sure wish we could have seen her. Love Oma

simply divina said...

She is very pretty. What a family!

Kara said...

She looks so cute and stands out so well. She is growing up so fast.